A full range of insecticides inspired by nature and odourless traps with natural action designed to protect us, to defend our home against all kinds of insects effectively and for a long time and to monitor the infestation of household environments with visible results in just a few days. The various formats, which consist of traps, diffusers, aerosols and sprays enable the ideal solution against each target species to be chosen.

A complete range of insecticides and traps specifically designed to protect the home against all kinds of insects.

Insecticides and traps designed to provide protection against ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Every product has been designed to meet specific needs, always ensuring maximum efficacy.

A broad range of solutions for repelling and killing all types of flying insects. From mosquitoes to pantry moths and flies. Traps, sprays, diffusers with Eucalyptus extract, designed to provide all kinds of protection. Practical and safe solutions for the whole family.

Insecticides with potentiated, broad-spectrum formulas, designed for anybody who wants to protect their home against various kinds of insect: ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes and flies. Solutions designed also for use outdoors, where it is not possible to identify a single type of insect, but all vermin have to be kept out of the house.



The pleasant smell of eucalyptus and the insecticidal properties of pyrethrum, pyrethrins and other active ingredients guarantee the efficacy of every product. Pheromones and plant-based attractants, combined with exclusive optical patterns, are used in the traps to monitor the presence of insects in the home and provide effective, safe and natural protection.



An in-depth research to select the best active ingredients and offer the most effective solution under all circumstances. The addition of essential oils, including Eucalyptus oil, supplements the efficacy of the product with a pleasant scent.