Swiss …. and natural origins

The Orphea story began in the nineteen twenties, when the Swiss inventor Johann Heinerich Bachmann collected some formulas of natural remedies effective against insects. Thanks to his knowledge of herbal medicine, he managed to prepare a mixture with over 400 elements extracted from plants and flowers capable of naturally protecting woollen clothes.


How the name was chosen

The name Orphea was chosen by Johann Heinerich and his daughter Sylvia Bachmann, and refers directly to Orpheus, a Greek mythological figure that expresses the balance and harmony necessary to compose music. Balance and harmony also necessary to create pleasant and natural scents.



The evolution of an ancient secret

Around the mid-sixties, the formula was inherited by his daughter Sylvia, who perfected it having studied the properties of some insect-repelling plants and flowers in Africa. This led to a small homemade production for the local community which occupies disabled people and single mothers.



Orphea arrives in Italy

In the mid-nineties, Sylvia met Gianpaolo Re, the managing director of Tavola SpA. The entrepreneur, having understood the innovative and ecological potential of the product, stipulated an agreement for its distribution in Italy, creating a more organized production chain. And this led to the creation of the brand Orphea Salvalana.



Your skin deserves quality

Orphea’s offer was broadened with a range of products which will be extremely successful: Orphea Protezione Persona. The offer was thus extended to the category of insect-repellents with formulas containing plant-derived ingredients designed to protect children’s and adults’ skin against insects.



The first one in Italy

In 2004 Orphea Salvalana achieved the leadership in Italy. The range of products was broadened further and to the traditional Flowers scent was added a new fragrance derived from Virginia Cedarwood, the result of wise research using the finest wood essences to protect precious and fine clothes.



A year of growth

Due to the success obtained by Orphea Salvalana and the need to adapt the production to an ever-increasing market demand, what was an almost handmade production developed to an increasingly automated one, Keeping product’s quality standard. A third scent was introduced, with Lavender Maillette essence, a delicate, talcum powder-line fragrance indicated for women’s and children’s clothes.


Orphea steps into home protection

Still in 2009, a range of insecticides specially designed for in-home use was launched: Orphea Protezione Casa. Several formulas contain eucalyptus extract, an oil with known properties, which also has a pleasant smell.



Plant-based, skin-friendly protection

Orphea, which has always focused on research and on the use of natural ingredients, was one of the first players on the market to believe and invest in the use of the only plant-derived active ingredient with insect-repelling properties: Citriodiol®, extracted from Eucalyptus citriodora, for effective multi-insect protection gentle with the skin.



Two great stories of protection

Orphea Salvalana is the leader in the protection of fabrics, reaching a market share of over 50% with two traditional products: the Strips for wardrobes and drawers with 555 million pieces sold to date, equivalent to a total length of 82,000 km, and the Large wardrobe diffusers, with 22 million pieces sold.


The family's getting bigger

The focus on the most valuable fibres led to the creation of new products for taking care of fabrics. The well-known diffusers are supplemented with sprays for carpets and large garments and a specific range of detergents consisting of Detergent for delicate clothes, Regenerating softener and Laundry perfumes. The Protezione Persona and Protezione Casa ranges expand their products to meet new customer needs. Moreover, innovative application mechanisms are designed to ensure practicality, safety and efficacy.



The Orphea family continues to grow with new solutions for all needs of protection respecting the environment. Today the products are more easily recognizable due to a graphic restyling that highlights the logo, enhances the value of the plant-derived active ingredients and the natural extracts contained in the formulas. Finally, the colour code used to identify the insect target, together with the related icons, explains the product’s intended usage simplifying your choice.