Ricarica Emanatore Elettrico con ricarica liquida

Liquid Electric Diffuser Refill

Protection up to 45 nights. Effective against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes. Fragrance free.
To be used with the Orphea® electric diffuser.


45 nights





Orphea® Refill for Electric Emanator is able to work with constant persistence and effectiveness for 45 nights, 6-8 hours per night, eliminating mosquitoes and flies in a safe way (the product must not be touched with your hands.

It is a Medical Surgical unit. Read the label carefully. Part of the text taken entirely from the product label. Reg. no. 6703 of the Ministry of Health.

The bottle is equipped with a safety cap. To open, press the cap down and unscrew at the same time. After removing the protective cap, screw the bottle into the appropriate housing of the vaporizer: the operation must be performed without forcing, but screwing it all the way down.

Plug the vaporizer into a 230V socket.

The plug can be rotated to fit the outlet depending on the orientation

of the holes. Make sure the bottle is always upright. If you want to suspend it, just unplug the appliance. If, on the other hand, the vaporizer is not used for long periods, the bottle must be removed and the protective cap screwed back on. To replace the bottle, unscrew it in the opposite direction to that of initial insertion, in order to overcome the initial resistance. To clean the vaporizer (once it has been disconnected) use a dry cloth or paper. Lasts 45 nights if operated 6-8 hours per night.