Wasp Spray

Eliminates wasp nests and prevents them from reforming. Equipped with a special “fire-hose” that enables a point to be treated from a distance of about 4 metres.




500 ml


Wasp Spray removes wasp nests and stops them from reforming. Vespa One is a specific insecticide spray for treating wasp nests. The foam that it produces sticks to the nest, creating a barrier that quickly immobilizes the wasps and stops them from fleeing. The special formulation and diffuser are used to treat the nest and prevent it from reforming. Vespa One is equipped with a special “fire-hose” that enables the spray to be applied from a distance of about 4 metres. In this way, areas that are difficult to reach, such as lofts, cavities, under roofing tiles, gutters, cracks, under window sills, inside vegetation or on trees can be treated. Suitable for use outdoors. Vespa One is indicated for the treatment of wasp nests in all civil, residential and industrial environments.

It is a medical device. Read the label carefully. Part of the text is taken entirely from the product label as indicated in reg. no. 20024 issued by the Ministry of Health.

Shake the can well before use. The treatment should be performed in the early hours of the day or late in the evening, when all the wasps are inside the nest. During the treatment, stay at a safety distance of about 3-4 metres from the area to be treated. Spray directing the get of foam all over the nest so as to cover it completely. Repeat the treatment after a few days, only if necessary. If the nest is in a cavity or recess, treat the entrance and/or exit, taking care to make the foam penetrate inside. In this case, it could be necessary to perform several treatments. Strictly observe the doses and methods of use indicated.

It does not stain surfaces.