Orphea anti-food moth traps

Odourless adhesive traps without insecticide, based on pheromones against pantry moths.


2 months


Pheromones for pantry moths


2 traps + 1 free


The Orphea® pantry moth traps are used to protect foods (flour, bread, pasta, biscuits, rice, cocoa …) against the deterioration caused by pantry moths and their excrement. The active ingredient containing pheromones attracts the male moths that have nested in pantries and wardrobes. The insects then stick to the glue of the trap and their reproduction cycle is interrupted.

Effective for up to 2 months once opened, after which the product must be replaced. Replace earlier if the trap is full of moths.

It is a biocidal product. Read the label carefully. Part of the text is taken entirely from the product label as indicated in reg. no. FR-2014-0004 issued by the Ministry of Health.

Product intended exclusively for indoor use, in areas where foods are kept. Open the aluminium bag and use the trap flat or folded.
FLAT: peel the protective film off the double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the trap. Stick the trap in the desired position having cleaned its support. Press hard to ensure that it sticks firmly. Position the trap directly inside the pantry, for example, inside a cupboard or outside it, sticking it to a lateral cupboard door. Peel the protective tape off the adhesive surface.
FOLDED: peel the protective tape off the adhesive surface, hold the trap at both ends and fold by pushing them together. Place the trap on a flat surface. If desired, to fix the trap, peel the film off the double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the trap. Stick the trap where desired having cleaned its support. Use a trap for a cupboard (1.5 m³) or a room of 20 m³. Monitor the trap once a week and replace it if the surface is covered with insects or after two months of use. We recommend you write the date of initial use on the card. To keep infestation under control, or to prevent reinfestation, use the traps continuously. Respect the dosage of use of the product. After an hour from opening, a biocidal effect is obtained and lasts for two months. Store at a temperature of no more than 40 °C.