Trappole Scarafaggi e Pesciolini d’argento

Traps for Cockroaches and Silverfish

Adhesive traps with a food aroma containing no insecticides. They attract cockroaches and silverfish, and help to monitor the presence of these insects in household environments. They kill cockroaches and silverfish naturally and without using insecticides.


3 months


Food attractant for insects


3 traps


Orphea® Protezione Casa Traps for Cockroaches and Silverfish are used to monitor these annoying insects. The traps, which contain no insecticides, are activated by a specific food attractant present in the adhesive, which attracts cockroaches and silverfish.

The product does not contaminate the environment and is effective for 3 months after which the trap must be replaced. The product should be replaced earlier if it is already full of cockroaches and silverfish.

Due to its “home shape”, the cockroaches and silverfish get trapped but are not visible.

Open the trap and peel off the sheet of paper covering the glued side.
Assemble the trap by putting together the upper edges (the ends of the short sides of the card).
Set the trap in a horizontal position on the floor near ovens, sinks, drains and warm, humid areas in general, taking care not to expose them to direct sunlight.
In case of a heavy infestation, position several traps in the same environment.