Mat Refill For Electric Diffuser

Fast action against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and harmful flying insects for 8-10 hours.


8 – 10 hours




30 plates


Orphea® Home Protection Diffuser Platelets Kill Paff® MAT contains a new pyrethroid effective against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and other harmful and annoying flying insects. It does not emit fumes and leaves no ashes.

It is a Surgical Medical Presidium. Read the label carefully. Part of the text taken entirely from the product label. Reg. no. 19516 of the Ministry of Health.

Place a plate on the special heater, then connect to a 230 V socket. In a few minutes, the product begins its action, remaining effective for at least 8 – 10 hours. The exhausted plate becomes white and must be replaced with a new one in light blue.
At the end of use, position the button on the off symbol. The red button light will turn off. It is thus possible to leave the electric diffuser inserted in the socket and activate it when necessary. The electric diffuser can be used with Orphea plates or with Orphea liquid refill. Do not use pads and liquid refill at the same time.

Read the label carefully before use. Do not use in confined spaces. In case of contact with skin, rinse thoroughly with soap and water. Do not touch or cover the appliance during use. Do not touch the plate during use. Remove or cover terrariums, aquariums, animal cages before application. Interrupt operation of aquarium air filtration during treatment.
This appliance may be used by children aged 8 years or over and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, only if they have received adequate supervision or training in relation to the safe use of the appliance and understand the dangers involved.

Children must not play with the appliance. The cleaning and maintenance indicated must not be carried out by children without the supervision of an adult. the use of other types of recharge in combination with the electro diffuser can cause risks of toxicity or flammability. Do not use the appliance without recharging. do not touch the appliance with wet hands or with metal objects. Do not expose the appliance to direct sunlight. Always place the device in a vertical position without covering the device with fabrics or other materials. do not use detergents or solvents to clean the appliance. Clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

Do not contaminate food and drinks or containers intended to contain them. Do not keep the appliance running when staying indoors. If used in places where you stay for a long time or in bedrooms, ventilate the room before staying there again. Continuous exposure to sensitive people (children, asthmatics, etc.) is not recommended. Keep away from food, feed and drink. Do not keep the electric diffuser in contact with fabrics, paper or combustible materials in general when it is in operation.