Ant Bait

Innovative gel formula effective against ants. It eliminates the nest and kills the queen and colony. Ideal for an indoor environment and around buildings. Effective for 4 months.


4 months



3 baits


Orphea® Protezione Casa Ant Bait is an insecticide in a gel formulation effective against ants. The product can be used indoors (private houses and/or public buildings used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes) and around buildings (boundary of buildings, terraces and private gardens).
The product contains a bitter substance to prevent people or non-target animals from swallowing the product accidentally. Due to their extraordinary palatability, the bait is very effective against the species of ants that feed on substances containing sugar and protein. Orphea® Protezione Casa Ant Bait can destroy the entire colony: its delayed effect, which begins a few hours after it was swallowed, allows the product to be passed by worker ants on to other individuals present in the nest, including queen ants and larvae, through a process called Trophallaxis in which food is shared between individuals of the same colony. The area to be treated must be inspected carefully to determine the extension of the infestation. Read the label carefully before use. Remove any alternative sources of food that can be reached by the ants from neighbouring areas. Orphea® Protezione Casa Ant Bait must be placed in the areas in which the ants are present, close to nests or their paths. For use in outdoor areas (terraces, patios, courtyards or gardens), the diffuser is to be positioned in the areas where the ants are present in the largest number: cornices and cable entry points.

Effective for 4 months.

Prodotto Biocida

It is a biocidal product. Read the label carefully. Part of the text deals entirely with the product label. Authorization n.IT/2018/00515/AUT of the Ministry of Health

The bait diffusers containing Orphea® Protezione Casa Ant Bait are to be positioned near the nests or paths of ants. Open the ends of the diffuser along the pre-cut line, to let the ants in. Activate the diffuser by pressing the capsule to the end so that all the gel enters the central compartment.