After-Bite For Jellyfish Stings

Afterpuncture with extracts of vegetable origin. Calms itching and discomfort resulting from contact with jellyfish. Without alcohol and ammonia.



Cucumber, Hypericum, Green Tea, Ginger, Sea Water


50 ml


Orphea® Dopopuntura Jellyfish gives relief to irritated skin after contact with jellyfish, relieving the sensation of itching and redness. The spray dispenser allows you not to touch the skin with your hands. The formulation with sea water extracts and extracts of vegetable origin performs an effective astringent and soothing, anti-reddening and decongestant action that calms the discomfort deriving from contact with jellyfish, moisturizing the skin. Without ammonia or alcohol, it is suitable for the skin of the whole family and ideal for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested formula with extracts of:
cucumber: refreshes, soothes itching and redness;
ginger: soothes and stimulates the skin;
green tea: has an astringent action that helps against irritation and moisturizes;
hypericum: has a stimulating action on the recovery of the skin;
sea ​​water: provides essential trace elements for the well-being of the skin.

Spray the solution on the affected skin area, do not massage. If necessary, repeat the treatment by washing the skin with the product itself, removing or letting the excess product run off. Cosmetic product.

Do not use on children under 36 months. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. In case of real burns from contact with jellyfish, consult a doctor.