Adults lotion insect-repellent 75ml

Protects the skin effectively against the bites of mosquitoes, horseflies, sandflies and other insects. Based on Citriodiol®, with Aloe Vera, which gives a refreshing, moisturizing effect to the skin.


Up to 4 hours


Citriodiol®, Aloe vera


75 ml


Orphea® Protezione Persona Adults lotion insect-repellent provides effective protection against the bites of mosquitoes, horseflies, sandflies and other insects. Its efficacy is tested against the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). Its formulation is based on Citriodiol®, plant-derived substance with an insect repellent activity obtained from Eucalyptus citriodora. The Aloe Vera gives the skin a pleasant refreshing and hydrating effect. Orphea® Protezione Persona Anti-bite lotion protects the skin effectively for over 4 hours (*from horseflies for up to 3 hours). It does not make it greasy and is pleasantly scented. It can also be used on clothes.

It is a medical device. Read the label carefully. Part of the text is taken entirely from the product label as indicated in reg. no. 19582 issued by the Ministry of Health.

Shake before use. Apply Orphea® Protezione Persona Anti-bite lotion spraying from a distance of about 15-20 cm on the parts to be protected (hands, arms, legs, neck and face) and avoiding the eyes and mouth. The product can also be sprayed on clothes (ends of sleeves, trousers, socks…). For more effective protection, application should be repeated after 4 hours.