Fabric regenerating softener Flowers scent

Prevents the formation of lint balls, maintains the original softness of fabrics and carries out a repairing action on the fibres.


Up to 50 washes


Wool proteins, Silk proteins, Flowers


750 ml


The Orphea® Fabric Regenerating Softener for delicate clothes made of wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and silk, nourishes and renews the fibres.
Its specific formula with wool and silk protein derivatives, enriched with a scent of Orphea® Flowers, is specially designed to protect the clothes during the washes and keep the fibres unchanged in time. Through its innovative Anti-aging technology, it acts in 3 phases: it prevents the formation of balls, maintains the original softness and repairs the fibres. Finally, it scents the clothes with the fresh, enveloping natural fragrance of flowers. Dermatologically tested.
It is indicated for washes both by hand and in a washing machine.

BY HAND: do not pour directly on the washing but into cold or warm water (max. 30 °C) respecting the recommended doses. Add the clothes to be washed, leave them to soak for no more than 10 minutes and rinse. Recommended dosage for washing by hand: 1/2 CAP = 15 ml MEDIUM WATER (15-25 °F) to be poured into 2.5 litres of water.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: do not pour directly on the washing but pour Orphea Regenerating Softener in the relevant compartment of the washing machine at the start of the wash or during the last rinse, respecting the recommended doses and loads. Recommended dosage for 4/5 kg of clothes in the washing machine: 1 CAP = 30 ml MEDIUM WATER (15-25 °F).