Traps for Flies and Bugs

Chromotropic adhesive traps containing no insecticide. They attract flies, bugs and plant parasites and help to monitor the presence of these insects in household environments and apartment plants.


2 months


Pheromones for insects


4 traps


Orphea® Protezione Casa Traps for Flies and Bedbugs are pretty chromotropic adhesive traps having the shape of a tulip, odourless and containing no insecticides. The traps help to monitor the infestation of household environments and apartment plants by insects, flies, bugs and plant parasites, with visible results in just a few days. The insects, attracted by the special colour, stick to the adhesive surface. The traps are particularly effective against gnats, whiteflies, winged aphids, thrips, leaf-miner flies and true bugs, but also against ordinary flies and small fruit flies.

The double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the product enable the traps to be applied to the windows to keep flies under control.

Effective for 2 months once open, after which the product must be replaced. Replace earlier if the trap is full of insects.

Use exclusively indoors to avoid trapping useful insects such as bees and ladybirds! The trap can be applied to windows or in plant pots.
WINDOWS: stick the trap where desired using the small double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the trap, having cleaned the glass. Press hard to make sure it sticks firmly. Peel the protective film off the larger adhesive surface for attracting the insects.
PLANT POTS: hold the product at the tip with no adhesive. Remove the protective film on both sides and push the tip into the soil.

Prevention and early identification: put a trap in every pot or on every window and check it regularly. In case of infestation, apply one trap per pot or window; if the pots or windows are large, use more than one trap; carefully shake the plants repeatedly to frighten the insects, which will thus be attracted to the traps more quickly; replace the traps when full.